Monday, September 22, 2008

Asma Al Husna

"To Allah belong the most excellent Names, therefore invoke Him by them" (7:180)

Allah- whoever recites this name 1000xs daily shall be given pure belief and doubt and uncertainty shall be removed from his/her heart. This name is also very effective in curing diseases if it is recited excessively and thereafter supplication (dua) is made.

al-Rahim- if recited 100xs after every salah, the reciter will be protected against all calamities and all of the creation will show compassion toward him.

al-Salamu- if recited 115xs and blown over a sick person, Allah will restore his health.

al-Mu’minu- if recited 630xs at the time of fear, Allah will protect him from all calamites. If anyone writes it on a paper, or engraves it in a silver ring and keeps it on him, his spiritual and physical safety will be the responsibility of Allah.

al-Muhayminu- if read 115xs Allah will acquaint him with the unseen.

al-Azizu- if recited 40xs for 40 days, Allah will grant the reciter honor and self-sufficiency. If read 41xs daily, the reciter will become self-sufficient and honor if he has been disgraced.

al-Jabbaru- If engraved in a silver ring and worn, the wearer will inspire all in the hearts of people.

al-Bariu- If a barren women fasts for 7 days and each day after making breaking his fast recites, “al Bari-ul-mussawiru” 21xs daily, Allah will grant her with male children.

al-Mussawiru- (same as above)

al-Ghaffaru- Any person who recites this name 100xs after jum’ah will soon begin to apprehend Allah’s forgiveness.

al Fattahu- anyone who places both hands on his chest before fajr and says his name 70xs, his heart shall be illuminated with light of faith.

al-Khafidhu- anyone who says this name 500xs Allah will fulfill all of his needs and remove all of his difficulties.

al-Basiru- if recited 100xs after Friday prayers, Allah will grant him strength in his eyesight and nur in his face

al-Hakamu- anyone who says this name 99xs while in a state of wudu during the last portion of the night (before fajr) Allah will fill his heart with nur and make him to perceive all secrets and if he recites it in such a manner on Friday night (Night of Thursday) that he experiences ecstasy. Allah will enhance his heart with inspiration and manifestation

al-‘Adlu- anyone who writes this name (using his finger or saffron) on 20 pieces of bread on the day or night of jum’ah and consumes it, Allah will cause the entire creation to become subservient to him

al-Hamidu- If recited in seclusion 93xs for 43 days all his bad habits will be replaced with good ones.

al-Muhsiu- If recited 20xs daily and blown on 20 pieces of bread, Allah will cause entire creation to be subservient.

al-Mubdiu- Anyone who while placing his hand on his pregnant wife will be protected from miscarriage and premature delivery

al-Hayyu- Anyone who desires of good health should recite this name 600xs daily.

al-Qayyumu- Anyone who says it excessively in seclusion will become affluent and wealthy

al-Muakhiru- if recited 100xs daily, it will enable you to draw closer to Allah.

al-Aakhiru- if recited 1000xs daily, the love for Allah will enter your heart. Illegitimate love for anyone or anything will be driven out of the heart. His sins will be forgiven. He will die with faith.

al-Khabiru- if recited excessively for 7 days, he will be made to perceive hidden secrets

al-Shakuru- if recited 41xs daily for any difficulties Allah will remove them

al-Kabiru- if anyone who has been fired from his job, fasts for 7 days and says this name 1000xs such a person will regain his job with honor and dignity.

al-Muqitu- if recited 7xs over water and consumed his desires will be fulfilled.

al-Jalilu- If written on a paper or a cloth and kept on a person such an individual will be greatly honored and respected.

al-Karimu- if recited continuously prior to going to sleep, he will be honored by the saints and pious scholars.

al-Wadudu- if recited 1000xs over food and consumed by husband and wife together, their differences will come to and end and strong bond will be created with love and affection.

al-Ba’ithu- if recited while placing your hand over chest at bed time, your heart will be filled with wisdom and knowledge.

al-Shaheedu- If recited while placing hand on forehead of wife or disobedient child 21xs, then blow upon them, they will become obedient.

al-Batinu-if recited 33 times daily, he will soon begin to perceive the secrets of Allah, and will be devoted in his heart.

al-Waliyu-if recited 11 times, before meeting an enemy, he will be able to subdue him

al-Muqsitu-if recited 700 times for any legitimate purpose, it shall be accomplished

al-Mani’u-if recited 20 times while lying in bed, any differences one had with their spouse will be renowned, and a dispute settled. A strong bond of love and affection will result.

al-Nuru-if recited 100 times, the reciter heart will be illuminated with nur

al-Rashidu-if one doesn’t know how to go about or plan a particular task, he should recite the name 100 times between Maghrib and Isha. The plan or scheme will become clear to him either in a dream or by way of inspiration

al-Saburu-for any difficulty, recite the name1020 times. Relief will soon be found. Peace and contentment will be experienced in the heart.

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